CCYP Submissions

The Commissioner’s functions as outlined in the Children and Young People (Oversight and Advocacy Bodies) Act 2016 include undertaking and commissioning research into topics related to children and young people. This research informs future work, projects, and advice aimed at improving outcomes for children and young people in SA. It includes making submissions and providing feedback to government on subjects relating to children and young people’s rights.


Submission on the Review of the Privacy Act 1988 Cth

Submission on the Religious Discrimination Bill 2021 (Cth)

Submission on Privacy Legislation Amendment (OP Code) Bill 2021

Submission on Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategy

Submission on Draft BOSE Determination 2021

Submission on National Obesity Prevention Strategy 2022-2032

Submission on the Draft SA Road Safety Strategy to 2031

Submission on the Report on the Review of the Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007 SA

Submission on Parliamentary Inquiry into Law Enforcement Capabilities re Child Exploitation

Submission on draft DHS Accessible and Inclusive Toolkits – Engagement and Consultation Toolkit

Submission re Proposed Amendments to the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Act 1988 (A7497298)

Feedback on the Department for Education Digital Strategy 2021

Feedback on the Department for Child Protection Child and Youth Engagement Strategy 2021-2023

Feedback on South Australia's next Suicide Prevention Plan 2022 - 2025 (A7288697)

Submission on the Communication Partner Scheme

Submission on the draft National Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy (A7087462)

Feedback on the Draft Suicide Prevention Bill 2020

Submission on the Department of Education's Early Learning

Feedback on the Disability Inclusion (Restrictive Practices-NDIS) Amendment Bill 2020

Reflections on the Department for Education's Leading the Way: Year 7 to High School Pilot Project Report

Submission to the Disability Royal Commission on Children and Young People with Disability - rights, Engagement and Empowerment

Submission on Changes to Religious Exceptions under the Equal Opportunity Act

Feedback on Women's and Children's Health Network Draft DAIP

  2020-11-09 Feedback-on-WCHN-draft-DAIP.pdf  1MB Adobe

Submission re SA Road Safety Strategy - What Children & Young People Say

Feedback on the Department for Education draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Feedback on Wellbeing SA draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Submission on the DHW draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Submission to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Children's Right to Privacy

Submission to the Review of the Disability Standards for Education

Feedback on Department of Human Services draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Feedback on the Electoral Commission SA draft Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Feedback on the Safeguard Taskforce Report

Feedback on Department for Child Protection draft Disability and Access Inclusion Plan (DAIP)

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Autism

Submission on the SAPOL Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Submission on the National Injury Prevention Strategy 2020-2030

Submission on Volunteering Strategy SA

Submission on Springbank Secondary College Educational Review

Feedback on Draft Community Feedback and Complaints Strategic Framework

Submission on the Review of the EPBC Act 1994

Submission on School Exclusions Experience - State Education & Children's Services Act 2019

Submission on Draft Education & Child Services Regulations

Submission on Strong Future - Draft Youth Action Plan 2020-2022

Ltr re National Centre for Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (HSB)

Submission on SA's Youth Justice Plan

Submission on Raising the Age of Criminal Responsibility

Submission on Online Safety Legislative Reform

Submission on Review of Australia's Family Law System

Submission on the Social and Economic Benefits of Improving Mental Health

Submission on the Review of Senior Secondary Pathways

Submission on the Re-framing of Education for the Melbourne Declaration

Submission on School Exclusions and Children with Disability

Submission on the SA Housing and Homelessness Strategy

Submission on the Adequacy of Newstart

Submission on the Review of VET for SA School Students

Submission on the Women Offender Framework and Action Plan 2019-2024

Comment to UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in relation to the Digital Environment

Submission on the National Action Plan for the Health of Children and Young People

Submission on Public Health Approach to Children

Submission on the National Public Sex Register for Child Sex Offenders

Comment on Controlled Substances (Youth Treatment Orders) Amendment Bill 2018

Submission on the Sentencing Discount Scheme Review

Comment on Australian Anti-Ice Campaign In-School Education Workshop

Submission on the ALRC Review of the Family Law System Discussion Paper

Submission on Criminal Law Consolidation: Throwing Objects at Vehicles Amendment Bill 2018

Comment on the Education and Children Services Bill - Part 2

Submission on the State Public Health Plan 2019 - 2024

Submission to the Select Committee on Poverty

2018-08-13 – Poverty Submission  418KB – Adobe PDF

Comment on the Education and Children Services Bill - Part 1

Comment on the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Review

Submission on Youth Sentenced as Adults Bill 2017