Annual Report to Children and Young People 2020-2021

We know that enabling children and young people to learn about, experiment in, and engage in arts, culture and creative activities can have a big impact. It boosts civic engagement, provides a platform to explore important ideas and ways to express them, can have a protective effect against mental illness and can be used therapeutically in relation to depression, anxiety and PTSD, is linked to better academic outcomes, and can improve student motivation, engagement, attendance and school enjoyment. In particular, we know that the stories, songs, dance and art of Indigenous Australians has been integral to the communication of knowledge and culture across thousands of generations.

This submission addresses the following:

  1. One big idea: engage children and young people in decision making.
  2. What South Australian children and young people have told me they value about the arts, culture and the creative sector in South Australia.
    • What young South Australians think about the City of Adelaide.
    • What young people think about festivals.
  3. Recommendations for improving arts, culture and creativity for children and young people in South Australia.
    • Improve access for the many South Australian children and young people currently missing out.
    • Improve opportunities for arts and cultural education.
    • Improve funding for school excursions.
    • Create free child and youth friendly creative places and activities.
    • Invest in public libraries.
    • Ensure everyone has affordable access to reliable Wi-Fi.