All young South Australians should be able to participate actively in society

Child Focused Citizenship:

  • Creating more child safe environments
  • Facilitating digital empowerment
  • Championing youth friendly workplaces
  • Fostering opportunities for youth led community action
  • Creating meaningful opportunities for children and young people to be involved in decision making and to co-design services and how they are delivered.





The Commissioner’s Big Issues in relation to Citizenship

Participation in decision-making

People under 18 years can’t vote in State or Federal elections so they have very few ways to express their views and have a say on the decisions that are affecting their lives now and into the future.  Young people have told the Commissioner that they want to know more about how these decisions are made and how they can have an influence on them.  She helps to find ways for young people to have a voice on the issues that matter to them and to link them with people who make decisions about these issues such as how school is run or how health services are delivered or what happens when they are unable to live at home.  

For more information see: Issue Brief: Barriers to Civic Participation (2023)

Understanding Australia’s Democracy

The Commissioner is always hearing how young people want to be involved in decision making and that they would particularly like to have input into the decisions being made about their lives, including how services are being designed and delivered to them. They want to be connected to their local communities so that they can help bring about the changes they would like to see. This means understanding how our system of government works, and how they can become active citizens within it. 

For more information visit: Civics & Citizenship – one stop online resource portal (