Young South Australians
should be successful learners

Child Focused Education:

  • Advocating for more inclusive education policies and practice
  • Supporting schools as healthy settings for learning and living  
  • Promoting equal access to work pathways and career transition supports





The Commissioner’s big issues in relation to education

Student centred schools

Children and young people spend a large amount of their lives in school. They learn there, make friends, and explore what they want to be. It’s really important that schools support all young people to be the best versions of themselves – to do this schools must listen to their students to understand what they need.

For more information see:
Supporting Students’ Voice, Agency and Wellbeing in Schools (2021)

School Exclusion

The Commissioner is very worried that a lot of students are suspended and expelled from school, which means they miss out on their education. She does not think that this sort of punishment is helpful as it means that children and young people lose out on the learning and other experiences at school that are so valuable. She is working with schools to try to work out other ways to help students learn how to manage their behaviour.

For more information see: The Blame Game (2020)

Young Carers

A lot of young people care for their parents or brothers and sisters. This means that it is hard for them to go to school, do their homework and take part in sport and other activities. The Commissioner is trying to make sure that these students get extra help so that they can take part in school and other activities like other young people.

For more information see: Take Care (2020)


 School Disengagement

While the Commissioner has heard from many children and young people who love going to school, there are a large number of students who regularly refuse to go to school and who say that school does not suit them. There are many different reasons that students do not feel like school is the right place for them and the Commissioner is working with teachers, parents and decision makers to try to help these children to find a way of being educated that works for them.

For more information see:  Keeping Kids Connected to School

Life Preparation

Many young people leave school feeling that they are not well prepared for life after school. They may feel that they don’t understand how to do things like banking and tax, or that they don’t know what to study to be able to do the job they want. The Commissioner is working with schools and other organisations to try and make sure young people get the information and education they need to feel ready to leave school and be “adult”.

For more information see: Off to Work We Go (2020)