How We Work…

The Commissioner’s work is driven by a practical commitment to achieving outcomes which improve the lives of South Australia’s children and young people.  It is grounded in child rights protection and systemic advocacy. 

To gain an overview of how the CCYP approaches child rights advocacy and engagement click on the links below:

 These approaches are underpinned by the following principles:


  • Independence – We are an independent statutory authority guided by principles of fairness, impartiality, children’s best interests and freedom from external influence.
  • Applying our values –  we are guided by our values of independence, child rights centric, accountability, and meaningful impact.
  • Strengthening protections of children’s rights – We aim at influencing a range of decision makers across politics, government, service providers and the broader community on a diversity of issues related to the wellbeing of South Australian children and young people. Fundamental to our advocacy is strengthening protections for children and upholding the primacy of ‘best interests’.
  • Engaging children and young people – We engage directly with children and young people and seek their views on a range of issues relevant to them. We respect their interests in the public arena, collaborate with and amplify their voices, and support and promote their contribution and participation.
  • Inclusivity – We seek the views, opinions, experiences, needs and issues of a diversity of children and young people. We pay particular attention to those who, for a variety of social, economic, cultural and ability reasons, struggle to have their voices heard.