Annual Report to Children and Young People 2020-2021

The most significant challenge young people identify as a barrier to using public and active transport is safety. Transport is central to how young people experience their community and means that any barriers impact their capacity to participate fully in almost every aspect of their lives.

The Commissioner recommends the following additions to the Northern Adelaide Transport Study:

  1. Actively engaging children and young people from the northern suburbs in the consultation process for the Northern Adelaide Transport Study.
  2. Address children and young people’s safety concerns on public transport with better street lighting at shelters and near bus stops, and by offering more frequent bus, tram, and train services. These need to come with synchronised connections so that they’re not left waiting for long periods or forced to walk extended distances in the dark.
  3. Upgrade public transport infrastructure and facilities including bus, train and tram stops, stations and shelters with access to USB charging ports at stops and on-board.
  4. Introduce free travel to and from school and sport for children and young people from low-income families by expanding the School Card Scheme.
  5. Increase digital accessibility for those travelling on public transport through provision of free Wi-Fi on all public transport and at train stations. This will enable children and young people to make the most of their travel time, while simultaneously improving the accuracy of timetables and tracking services via mobile applications, which they increasingly rely upon.
  6. Enable children and young people to take more active journeys by providing safe ways to school, including footpaths, safe pedestrian crossings, separate bike lanes and paths, with good street lighting and effecting signage. Introduce speed limits around schools, playgrounds and shops in line with those recommended by the World Health Organisation.