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hub – a new space for young South Australians to visit, hang out, keep up to date, have a say, and connect 


Latest Report

Making Change in Youth Justice A User’s Guide to building a better South Australian Youth Justice system containing eight key recommendations made by young people with direct experience of the system.  Download it here. 


Managing Uncertainty for Positive Change

These are certainly challenging times. It’s very difficult to take a ‘business as usual’ approach when it looks increasingly as though the long term impact of COVID19 will be profound. In times of uncertainty it’s how we choose to respond that makes all the difference.

End Period Poverty Period.

Sign the Commissioner’s petition to endperiodpovertyperiod. so that all girls in South Australia can access feminine hygiene products when they need them without fear of shame or stigma.

Space to Dream Launched!

Space to Dream is all about design thinking and how to use it for problem solving! Take the Space to Dream Challenge to design a toy or gadget for a young person your age who is travelling to Mars!

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Every right, for every child! On 20 November 1989 the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. More than 195 countries have ratified this document since, making it the most important human rights treaty in history! Do you know what rights it contains?  Click here to find out 

Commissioner's Conversations

Are you a young person aged 15-21 that wants to chat to the Commissioner about something you care about?

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