Digital Challenge

The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is coming in 2019 and is open to children in Years 4-7. It’s all about engaging and empowering young digital citizens. For more details and to express your interest, check out our mini site here.


The Commissioner has been carrying out a series of consultations with groups of young people on bullying. These consultations will inform a major report that will be presented to parliament later this year.

Commissioner says

Keep up to date with the Commissioners work and opinions on all matters relating to children and young people.

Commissioner’s conversations

Are you a young person aged 15-21 that wants to chat to the commissioner about something you care about? If so, express your interest here for our next conversation.

Recent reports

Earlier this year we released our strategic agenda for all children and young people in South Australia.

Commissioner’s Diary

Find out about Helen Connolly’s role and follow her whereabouts as the South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People as she makes her way around the State, promoting the awareness and understanding of the rights of children and young people.


A visual journal of the ways in which children and young people are engaging with our office on issues that affect them through different mediums.

Your Rights in Pictures

See your rights in cartoon form, and discover why they matter to you. Pictures of children and young people by Alex Leonard, the illustrator can help you understand your rights as laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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