The Things That Matter 3

Views of 8 to12 year olds on life, school and community
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Children in Care

What do children and young people living out of home care think about their care? Are you a child or young person living in out of home care, or an individual or agency who could support a child living in out of home care to participate in this large scale consultation project? Responses will be used to help the Commissioner place the voices of children and young people living in out of home care front and centre in the statutory review of the Child Safety Act.

From Checkbox to Commitment

What children and young people with disability said about identity, inclusion and independence.
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More Than a Game

What do children and young people think about sport?
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Stereotypes and Sexism

The views and experiences of SA school children.
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Legislation and Infrastructure Priorities

Find out which priorities if actioned will make a significant difference to the lives of South Australia’s children and young people.
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166 Members of South Australia’s newly established state-wide student representative council have been selected from more than 240 applications from students in Years 10, 11, & 12.


SA young people repeatedly calling for urgent action on climate change

“At this rate, our job in the future will be to live with the impact that past generations have left on our Earth. The government needs to address climate change and realise it isn’t science fiction – it’s real life and if we don’t do anything about it soon, it will be too late. 

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Health Hub - Ideas for creating more child and youth friendly health services

Health Hub contains information sourced directly from children and young people on ways they suggest health services in SA could better meet their needs.
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Respecting the Online Rights of Children and Young People

In our data-driven world it is our responsibility to make the internet safe for young people by implementing practices and policies that ensure their ‘data’ is being treated with the utmost care and respect. 


What is yChange?

yChange is the Commissioner’s new action civics resource designed specifically to support educators teaching civics and citizenship in SA…
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The Things That Matter to Children

Across government, business, and community, the views, perspectives and experiences of primary-aged children need to be included. Find out what matters most to SA Children in this suite of Snapshot Reports available for download here


Supporting Student Voice, Agency and Wellbeing in Schools

Students want a school that knows how to balance their wellbeing with their academic achievement – places where they are known, valued, have a voice and can see the value in what they’re learning.


UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Every right, for every child! On 20 November 1989 the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. More than 195 countries have ratified this document since, making it the most important human rights treaty in history! Do you know what rights it contains?  Click here to find out 

Children & Young People




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