a boy being bullied by another boy

Helen Connolly, Commissioner for Children and Young People, responding to the South Australian Government’s strategy Connected – A Community Approach to Bullying Prevention Within the School Gates and Beyond” said:

“This comprehensive strategy represents a significant commitment across government, civil society, parents and community to prevent bullying.

With a shared vision of where we are leading and a shared roadmap we now have to ensure we start the journey together and put children and young people in the driving seat.  Their solutions and strategies to include more peer led interventions, positive role modelling by adults, and restorative approaches must be an essential part of the roll out of this framework.

Children and young people recognise that there are no easy solutions to bring about real change in the way communities present and respond to bullying but they have told the Commissioner that they are up to the challenge.  It is their right to health, wellbeing, safety and security that will be protected and promoted, it is therefore critical that their right to participate in how this is done is equally respected.

Congratulations to the Government in putting this into the prevention strategy.  It’s now up to all of us to do the heavy lifting and make it happen.”

The strategy was informed by the CCYP’s Bullying Project (2018). Read about the project here.
Read the final report here
Download the Bullying Prevention Guides for Schools, Parents and Sports Clubs here