Commissioner’s Small Grants Program 2024

Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, invites South Australian community groups, arts organisations, sporting clubs and local government to apply for small grants of up to $5,000 to support projects for children and young people.

There are two grants available this year: 

  • Period Justice Grants – to support organisations to undertake activities and projects to promote awareness and reduce the stigma associated with periods and menstruation, and to address period poverty.  
  • Youth Voice Grants – to support opportunities to include meaningful child and youth voices in your organisation’s planning and decision making. 

Period Justice Grants

Since publishing Menstruation Matters in 2021 the Commissioner has been working collaboratively with government, business and community groups to advance period justice. 

Period Justice Grants on offer are designed to support organisations to deliver projects to young people that: 

  • raise awareness of period poverty in SA communities 
  • provide easy access to free period products in SA communities 
  • provide easy access to toilets and disposal units in SA community spaces 
  • promote production of high-quality information and education resources about periods for SA children and young people; and 
  • reduce the stigma of periods and menstruation across the broader SA community.

You can find stories about what past grant recipients have achieved with their funding via the link below:

What’s happening?

Youth Voice Grants 

Children and young people want to be heard and they have a right to have a voice in the decisions that impact directly on their lives.

Through the Youth Voice Grants Program the Commissioner is seeking to support organisations to: 

  • Undertake conversations or other engagement activities with children and young people that will inform their work and priorities in relation to C&YP issues and interests.  
  • Utilise creative, youth friendly ways to support children and young people to engage, initiate and participate in youth voice activities within their local community.    
  • Involve children and young people in youth voice opportunities on the issues that are of most concern to them.
  • Establish ongoing meaningful engagement that ensures organisations, business and community groups can hear from and respond to the opinions and ideas children and young people have and feel passionate about. 


The Commissioner’s Small Grants Program is open to community arts organisations, sporting clubs, local government and not-for-profit entities based in South Australia and: 

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) 
  • are registered for the purposes of GST 
  • are an arts organisation, sporting club, not-for-profit group or community organisation or local government entity with the appropriate legal structure. 

Download and read the Commissioner’s Small Grant Program Guidelines for 2024 and then complete the 2024 Online Application Form.

The Commissioner’s Small Grants Program applications are now closed for 2024.

If you have any questions about the Commissioner’s 2024 Small Grants Program including what projects would be most suitable, please contact Emma Houghton at or phone Emma on 08 8226 3396.


Commissioner’s Small Grants Program 2024 Guidelines