Bullying Consultation Series


The Commissioner has completed a series of consultations with children and young people in schools and non-school settings. She consulted with 283 children and young people and asked them what should be done about bullying. The Commissioner asked what bullying looks like in 2018 what they think causes someone to bully and what are some ways to prevent bullying.

We know that bullying is an extremely complex issue and there isn’t a one size fits all answer to dealing with the problem. We noted that young people who took part in these consultations gained an insight into how difficult it is for adults to find solutions. They told us and agreed on what doesn’t work such as walking away or simply blocking people online.

We have now completed the analysis of the all of the data and presented our report to Parliament, read the Bullying Project here. In 2019 we will continue to advocate for the implementation of the recommendations made by children and young people.


During the Commissioner’s Listening Tour in 2017 we heard that children and young people were concerned about Bullying.  They talked about this in the context of what is important to them, what they would change and what they think the Commissioner should do.  We heard many examples of the often pervasive nature of bullying and the significant impact it can have on the victims, the bullies and bystanders.  This issue has been identified as one of five key focus areas that children and young people want the Commissioner to prioritise. They asked that the Commissioner do something to “stop the bullying”.   

We carried out the consultation sessions using a creative, activity based approach. We asked that young people didn’t share anything personal and explored the issues in an indirect, non-confrontational way that supported them to provide their insights into possible solutions.

If you have any questions or request further information please contact Jodie Evans, Strategic Engagement and Participation Officer, Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People on 8226 3355 or email Jodie.Evans3@sa.gov.au. 

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