The Bullying Project

Project Overview

The Bullying Project commenced in 2018 when the Commissioner embarked on a series of consultations with children and young people in schools and non-school settings on the topic of bullying. She initially consulted with 283 children and young people, asking them what bullying looks like, what they think causes someone to bully, and what they think might be some good ways to prevent bullying from happening? 

We know bullying is an extremely complex issue and that there is no one size fits all answer to dealing with the issue. The South Australian children and young people who took part in the bullying consultations gained an insight into how difficult it is for adults to find solutions but emphasises to the Commissioner that simply walking away or blocking someone online does
not work for kids so adults need to think of something else to help them solve the issue.

After completing analysis of all the primary data collected from children and young people a report on the findings was prepared and presented to Parliament. The report included seven key findings that have policy implications for the development of a comprehensive whole of community anti-bullying strategy for South Australia. It also included a number of recommendations that children and young people would like adults to consider and take action on. 

Download a complete copy of the Bullying Project Report including details of these findings along with recommendations made by children and young people here.

Project Update

We are actively working with sporting bodies to support their capacity to engage children and young people and to include their voices in program design and delivery.  In 2020, the Commissioner will undertake a comprehensive consultation across the major sports codes to develop child designed bullying prevention initiatives to build respectful and inclusive sporting events.

The Commissioner is also exploring work with SAPOL to improve communication and information for parents/carers on what to do when they run out of options


 …..During the Commissioner’s 2017 Listening Tour many of South Australia’s children and young people told her they were concerned about bullying. They talked about this in the context of what is important to them, what they would change, and what they think the Commissioner should do.  The Commissioner heard many examples of the often pervasive nature of bullying and the significant impact it can have on the victims, the bullies and the bystanders. 

This issue was identified as one of five key focus areas children and young people wanted the Commissioner to prioritise. They asked her to do something to “stop the bullying”.   

The bullying consultation sessions that followed were undertaken using a creative, activity based approach where children and young people were asked not to share anything personal about individual experiences. Instead they were asked to explore the issues around bullying in an indirect, non-confrontational way that supported them to provide their insights.

Project Outcomes

The Commissioner released the Bullying Project report along with a number of Fact Sheets for Parents, Schools and Sporting Organisations. See page right for the report and below for the Fact Sheets.

Accompanying The Bullying Project report are four additional resources containing recommendations made by children and young people:

  • Recommendations from children and young people to combat bullying at school 
  • What children and young people want parents to know about bullying
  • What children and young people want sporting organisations to know about bullying
  • What children and young people want schools to know about bullying 

Find Out More about the Bullying Consultation Series

Download a copy of the Bullying Project Report