Young South Australians have worked tirelessly on a five-year campaign led by the local community for the South Australian Government to “Repower Port Augusta” with clean energy. On Monday 14th August, Premier Jay Weatherill and the South Australian Government committed to making solar thermal with storage happen in Port Augusta. Building solar thermal in Port Augusta brings 24-hour solar power to SA, creating hundreds of regional jobs, cuts pollution and puts downward pressure on electricity prices.

For over five years the Port Augusta community and people across South Australia have called on Premier Jay Weatherill to back building solar thermal with storage in Port Augusta. The SA Government has backed solar thermal with storage in Port Augusta by signing up to purchase power from the project. Here’s what it means for South Australia: 24 Hour Solar Power, New Jobs, Action on Climate Change and Cheaper Power for SA.

Young people in the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) in SA have been heavily involved in the Repower Port Augusta campaign since 2012 and have organised numerous road trips, seminars, rallies and painting South Australia with flyers and chalking.  People power played a huge part in delivering the world’s largest solar thermal power plant to South Australia’s mid-north, Premier Jay Weatherill says. The $650 million plant will be built near Port Augusta with lobbying and support from the local community helping to get the project across the line.

“This is an example of people power in action,” the premier told reporters after visiting the proposed site on Tuesday.

“The efforts that this community has made have delivered this project. It gave the company the heart to continue to campaign and to put their resources into this project.

“It gave the social license for this company to operate in this part of the world.”

If you want to hear more about what AYCC SA get up to or want to get involved with them, follow these links: