Whyalla Library Makes Space to Dream

The travelling exhibition of the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge Space to Dream winners has inspired a local library to create their own children’s activity that utilises design thinking principles.

In the Whyalla Public Library, local staff went above and beyond to develop their own Space to Dream school holiday program to accompany the display of 3D printed designs from children who participated in the Challenge.

The program encouraged children to create items using craft materials that they would want to take to Mars if they went. To ensure that the children could make good design choices, staff discussed about the time taken to get to Mars, how expensive it is to send things there, temperature and other Mars facts before they started on their creations.

The crafty creations included a Pokémon pet, that included a TV that could work away from Earth, to provide companionship, as well as something to play with and to relax with; a barbeque and burner built with shields so it can be used on Mars, providing cooking facilities for the food that would be grown on another child’s space station. It would also provide warmth. And there was a communicator, which had built-in supply storage and replacement parts.

“It was great seeing the children discuss ideas with friends and family members, making plans and deciding what materials to use,” said Christine Barsby, the Children’s Program Coordinator at Whyalla Public Library.

“The Space to Dream display has provoked a lot of interest, which was good to see,” said Ms Barsby.

The Space to Dream exhibit is part of a travelling series of displays that feature winning designs from the Space to Dream part of the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge, as chosen by the Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly.

The exhibition will be featured at Libraries across South Australia throughout 2023.

The 2023 Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is open for registration.