Not only is Lonely Planet telling the world about the music scene in Adelaide but our children and young people also know the power of music!

“I myself am a very musical person, I play most instruments, I play drums when mad or play guitar when I need to calm down as it is a calming thing to do”

It has been said that music has the power to make you happier, enhance performance, lower stress and improve your health.

From the conversations I have heard from children and young people across the state this ability has not changed.  The positive impact and benefits that music has on their lives is alive and well and includes the joy of “creating music” and “mixing music” playing and listening to music alone and with friends.  We heard that music is an escape, a way to improve your mood and a means of expression.

Young people also talked about the cultural dimensions of music, describing it as a way to stay connected to their history, family and country and the importance of festivals and live music in the Australian culture.

Whatever the reason, the message is clear Music is Powerful!