The City of Marion’s Youth Collective Committee (YCC) applied for grant funding for their Safe Space Project to inform Council initiatives to improve the physical and mental well-being of local young people.  The Safe Space Project Report 2022-2026 considers feedback from around 150 young people from the City of Marion and written by young people for decision-makers in the city. Compiled by members of the YCC with the support of the Commissioner for Children and Young People SA, Helen Connolly, the report lists five recommendations for the Council as follows:

  1. Create systems to mitigate stress by providing more opportunities for young people to engage, access support and learn about mental health and well-being.
  2. Remove the stigma around mental health.
  3. Make more resources available that are easier to access.
  4. Provide support for family and friends of young people experiencing mental health issues.
  5. Provide equal access and inclusion for all young people in the City of Marion.

Mayor of Marion Kris Hanna attended the YCC report launch with Commissioner Connolly 8 December, 2022.

“This a valuable report giving a voice to our young people, particularly about their mental health needs and concerns,” Mayor Hanna said. “I think the key messages were that young people want safe spaces for recreation and socialising. They also want trusted sources of information about life skills.”  

 Anita Chaplain (23) from the YCC, said the report outlined the importance of mental health support, tailored for young people. “The report also showcases how informed young people are, and that they have the ideas to create solutions targeted for their community,” she said. “Young people provide mental health support, support others, and want to learn more about this.”

More information about the project and the report is available on the City of Marion website.