Hang out and connect in new ways on hub!

It’s game time with two shiny new additions on hub! Just like your favourite video game, hub is receiving two new expansion packs to take your experience to a whole new level. The Reading Room and Beta Test Lab will give hub users access to a world of books, mags, graphic-novels, e-books and game testing!

Hub is a place for young people to ‘visit, hang out, keep up to date, have a say, and connect’ with other young South Australians and it’s growing, with new sections coming online all the time!

Beta Test Lab will give young gamers the opportunity to level-up their play and be the first to try out new games by SA game developers, MiniMammoth. The local gaming company was founded by eight AIE graduates who are working to make their mark with memorable games that also promote a positive impact for youth.

Hub Users can catch the buggies in MiniMammoth’s ‘Critter Capture’ or bundle ‘em up in ‘Bundimal Rush’. Fun and games aside Beta Test Lab will also work as a feedback and information tool for young gamers to improve their digital literacy.

Official hub testers will be given a platform where they can provide their perspective on how games and other social media platforms effect their digital rights. They will be asked to consider how the game could incorporate any different features or remove anything that infringes their comfort and safety online.

Hub’s second expansion ‘The Reading Room’ will deliver a whole new world of content where users can in fact ‘judge a book by its cover’. This feature acts as a gateway to registering for free digital membership to SA’s Public Libraries where books, mags and e-books are all made available online and access to a massive database of entertainment and educational material is available at your fingertips.

If you’re already a library member you can just jump right in. If not you can get your free digital membership right here!

See you on hub!

The Reading Room  https://hub.ccyp.com.au/the-reading-room/

For the Gamers / Beta Test Lab   https://hub.ccyp.com.au/for-the-gamers/beta-test-lab/