Youthful Adelaide

This project focuses on what Adelaide has to offer young people and how a city can be a place that not only welcomes young people but celebrates their participation in the community. South Australia is a city state and the city should be a neutral place. Colonel Light gave us a very well planned out city but there were no young people in his plans.

To find out how to make Adelaide a city that entices young people here and keeps them around wanted to explore the question of what makes Adelaide a more youthful city. 

What emerged in discussions with primary, secondary and university aged children and young people were three key themes: Creative, Confident & Connected!

Young people told the Commissioner they want dedicated spaces that support their need to connect, build relationships, participate in community and have positive experiences. This includes physical and online spaces with a common theme being that these spaces support inclusion and safety, have a multi-purpose approach, involve young people in their design, and include them in their day to day operations. 

Young people want spaces that are well planned, have open borders, allow connections virtually and physically, are welcoming and offer things to do and places to be; somewhere you can speak your mind, stand up for what you believe in and express your rights and ideas!

Download the full Youthful Adelaide Report to find out what South Australian children and young people said they believed would make Adelaide a more youthful city.

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Read the Youthful Adelaide Report here