South Australia’s first ever Youth Period Summit is being hosted by the Commissioner for Children and Young People on Tuesday 11 July at U City in Adelaide’s CBD. Registrations will remain open, so if you’re passionate about Period Justice register here.

Aimed at young people, educators, and community leaders, the half day Summit has been co-designed by a working group of young people who are passionate about menstrual health and period justice. The working group has chosen ‘Periods. Everyone’s business’ as the overarching theme for the Summit, focusing on a message of inclusivity and de-stigmatisation of periods and menstruation across society.

The Summit will be a half day of learning and discussion driven by young people with a program that features speakers from TABOO, Shine SA, Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia, Flinders University, University of Adelaide, and Share the Dignity.  

“For too long shame and embarrassment have been defining factors of periods for young people who menstruate.  It’s time to change the conversation.  Periods are everyone’s business.” 

Summit Speakers include: 

Helen Connolly – Commissioner for Children and Young People, SA 
Eloise Hall – Managing Director & Co-founder of TABOO  
Libby Trainor Parker – Health Advocate, Speaker & Performer  
Dr Monique Mulholland – Senior Lecturer at Flinders University 
Kirsty Mead – Executive Director of Pelvic Pain Foundation 

The Summit will culminate in development of a ‘charter for period justice’ for implementation in schools, universities, workplaces and sporting communities. 

The Youth Period Summit is part of a broader push for period justice and equity across society for everyone who menstruates.  

Governments and organisations all over the world are taking important steps toward menstrual equity, but there is still much more to be done, including here in South Australia. One quarter of the world’s population has periods and yet access to information and products is restricted by barriers that include shame, stigma, and financial strain. 

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