Work Experience Project with Committee for Adelaide

What is it?

CCYP is working with the Committee for Adelaide and its business community to advocate for and promote the creation of a comprehensive and united approach to work experience programs administered by South Australia’s employers. Currently, work experience is not universally taken up, and access to a program often relies on the capacity, skills and social networks of individual students, families, schools and workplaces. By working with the business community, CCYP is leading structural change so that a significant number of employers can offer sustainable, high quality work experience opportunities for South Australia’s high school students.


CCYP has heard firsthand, from over six hundred regional and hundreds of metropolitan young people, about how much they want and value access to quality work experience. More than 70 schools across the state have also told us they face an ongoing challenge administering high quality work experience opportunities offered in sustainable ways. Everyone agrees gaining work experience is vital, and that it should be available to all young people. There is also agreement that current approaches are not working as well as they could. This CCYP project will contribute to building a cohesive state-wide program where young people gain quality work experience within an organisation that they are genuinely interested in, participating in activities that offer meaningful outcomes for both the business employer and the student.

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