Everyday Jobs

Commissioner for Children and Young People has partnered with Committe for Adelaide to produce a series of short videos profiling some of the exciting job opportunities available in South Australia’s local industries, many of which are operating right here in Adelaide.

Everyone’s education and career journey is different…

Young people need time and opportunities to explore their interests and try things out for themselves. Businesses play a vital role in supporting young people to find their career pathway through work experience, internships, and information resources that help them explore different industries, so that they can be making more informed decisions about future careers and subject choices that will lead them there while in their final years at school.

In consultations with young people relating to career choice, the Commissioner has found that the transition from school into a career can be very challenging, particularly when you’re not sure what types of jobs will be available when you graduate from school.

With students required to choose subjects in high school that will enable them to pursue career interests beyond school, it is crucial to have some understanding of what jobs will be available and what these jobs of the future will be like while they’re still at school.

The Everyday Jobs series provides SA young people with an insider’s view of the ‘jobs of the future’ that are available in SA today. The Everyday Jobs series asks employees from a diverse range of businesses who are Committee for Adelaide members, about their career journey, work experience, and advice for young people when navigating career prospects.

The videos are aimed at young people seeking career ideas and a better understanding of where the jobs of the future will be. With new technologies and emerging industries growing at a rapid pace, it can be hard for young people to grasp what jobs of the future look like, and where they could be directing their interests, skills and talents.

The series consists of eight videos being released in two parts.

Check out part one now!

Stephen Tongun: “My message to young people is that this is our time. We are the next generation and we are the ones to make an impact. I want to tell everyone to be the change you want to see.

Holly Cooke: What I would say about any future job you might have is that the only thing that matters is that you love it – is that you’re curious and have got a passion for it.

Alex Pietrus: Put yourself out there, network where you can. If you’ve got opportunities to go to network or industry events, make sure you do so, and just soak up as much information as you can from those people in those industries.

Anisa Cadd: “My advice to young people is to not be concerned if you can’t pick one thing. Everything is changing so quickly – this job didn’t exist when I was in school. Just get out there, volunteer, ask for help, ask questions, gather as many useful skills as you can, and if you follow what you’re interested in, you’ll eventually gather a whole beautiful suite of skills that will make you super useful.

Jodi Brown: “Don’t worry so much during those latter school years, there’s a lot of pressure that can be put on students. Through my journey, I didn’t have it all figured out to start with; it took me going to uni before I’d actually even thought about what career path I’d really like to take.

Ameen Bou Diab: “Regardless of what it may be, applying yourself, being present is non-negotiable if you’re really really serious about getting to places in the future.

Alex Bruhn: “Believe in yourself! Overcoming imposter syndrome is a huge thing: Decide that if you’re in the room, then you’re the right person to be in the room.

Jassa Amir-Lang: “I’d really strongly encourage people to find something that they’re passionate about because nowadays there are so many opportunities in terms of career pathways.”