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The benefits of active and immersive experiences are well understood, which is why many schools offer them. They provide students with a rich variety of activities outside the school setting, placing them in different environments that promote their participation and engagement with sporting, cultural, educational, and outdoor activities. Active experiences can include attending a school camp, going on a field trip, being part of a music or sports tour, undertaking a language exchange, or contributing to a humanitarian service or global adventure trip, both domestically and overseas.

Despite a clear call for equity in opportunities, schools in disadvantaged, rural and remote areas find it very difficult to offer their students the same opportunities other more advantaged schools do. This means students attending these schools will often miss out on immersive experiences that can include school camps, field trips and excursions.

To ensure equity amongst South Australian students, the Commissioner proposed a series of supports be made available, including additional transport funds and state-wide grants.