Annual Report to Children and Young People 2020-2021

It is estimated that between 16 and 20 percent of children and young people in South Australia will suffer with a chronic illness at some point in their childhood. Currently there is no way of assessing or addressing the severity of this impact. Without knowing the true extent of the problem, policy makers and support services are faced with considerable barriers to the planning and delivery of effective healthcare that will support children and young people living with chronic illness. The lack of high-quality research and the structural barriers that currently exist means chronic illness is impacting on children and young people’s lives in significant ways, including an inability to engage fully with their education. 

The Commissioner undertook a survey of children and young people living with chronic illness in South Australia. Conducted online from January to June 2022, survey responses were received from 95 South Australian young people who suffer from a broad range of chronic illnesses, often concurrently.

This issues brief provides a snapshot summary of the survey results.