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Vaping is something that is occurring in the context of our broader society. More needs to be done to counter online advertising and social media content around vaping, as well as introducing stronger public health messaging around the risks of vaping and its addictive qualities, particularly in relation to content aimed at children and young people. Firstly, however, schools have a significant role to play in managing the uptake and addiction to vaping. Schools need to view vaping as a health issue, rather than as a disciplinary issue. This guide provides schools with practical advice on approaches that work to address addiction and the impact vaping is having on children and young people of all ages.

International and domestic research over many years has found that the most successful approaches at minimising or preventing cigarette and vape use are those which take a whole-of-school approach. This includes student involvement in action groups focusing on policy and school change and lessons involving interactive discussions around the reasons for vaping and the social context of why children and young people do it.