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Children and young people have been telling the Commissioner how important gaming is to them, not only as a recreation activity but as a connector to a social community. The Commissioner has had many conversations with children and young people on the meaning of gaming in their lives. They have spoken about gaming as a sport, as an industry, and its potential for employment from careers in professional gaming to being game developers, sound engineers, broadcasters, commentators and event coordinators.

The Commissioner’s approach to gaming is comprehensive and includes:

  1. Support to develop support structures, clubs and competitions for gaming in SA.
  2. Introduction of respectful and positive messaging to young people involved in gaming.
  3. Problem gaming prevention and early intervention.
  4. Promotion of opportunities and pathways for gaming as a career.
  5. Protection of children and young people through formal recognition of esports and the development of policy, regulation and codes of conduct.
  6. Partnership with researchers to examine impact of gaming on social