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Being able to speak up and express their opinions is a core right of children, as stated in Article 12 in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. In 2023, the Commissioner extended her postcards initiative to be inclusive of preschool aged children so that they could share their thoughts with their Commissioner.

The postcards asked children to draw their favourite place, and tell the Commissioner what made it special to them. In response, children drew pictures of their homes with their parents, siblings, friends, and pets.

Others chose to draw something at their preschool or childcare centre, such as the waterpump or the playdough table. Many children’s favourite places were outdoors – the playground slide, the sandpit, the bike track, the beach, or the park. Others drew pictures of their nanna’s house, or the shops and a visit to their favourite fast food eatery.

The Early Years Postcards report compiles data, and analyses the responses received from preschool aged children.