cover of sharenting report

To build a strong state where young people can be confident, connected, and creative, the adults in their lives need to find ways to involve them more in their local communities. This includes engaging young people as capable citizens, facilitating their participation in decisions about things that impact on them directly, and supporting them to feel they belong and are valued members of society.

We need to listen with interest to what young people tell us about their lives and what they need to feel as though they belong. We need to do this with an open mind and be ready to be creative in how we solve problems they pose or suggestions they make. They are the experts in their own lives and know what they need. If we can find ways to support them to find or create what they need, we will be helping to build trust with younger generations, while simultaneously sending them the message that they are valued and important members of their local communities. This guide has been developed to assist in the building of youth-friendly communities.