Mechanisms of Trust

What is it? 

Mechanisms of Trust aims to improve feedback mechanisms by partnering with children and young people about how they want to raise concerns, give feedback and express their views and opinions on services they receive.


During conversations and consultations undertaken over a 12 month period it was identified that children and young people are not equipped with the skills they need to provide feedback on the services they receive. Neither are they encouraged to provide feedback or given access to ways in which they can do so easily. Stakeholders have also raised this issue with the Commissioner.

Young people have spoken about the relative difficulty they face making a complaint to a large department or in providing their feedback on a process or system. The comparative ease with which feedback can be provided on social media platforms and other digital applications is made easy for them and they find this puzzling. Consequently, young people are losing trust in the service providers who deliver services via processes and systems that they cannot promptly and effectively provide feedback about.


The outcomes and learnings from the conversations with children and young people around Mechanisms of Trust are being incorporated into future projects and advocacy opportunities where and as relevant.