CCYP in the News 2023

There are calls for further restrictions on the way South Australian parents can physically discipline their kids

7News 10 December, 2023

When it comes to child rights, South Australia is trailing behind

7News 10 December, 2023

Long way to go on youth crime

Sunday Mail 10 December, 2023

Kids Write Open Letter To COP28

BTN 7 December, 2023

Space connection

The Islander 7 December, 2023

Local students soar in digital challenge

Yorke Peninsula Country Times 1 December, 2023

ABC Radio Adelaide: Evenings with Jason Chong

ABC Radio Adelaide 31 October, 2023

Opinion: I choose play

The Educator 27 October, 2023

Child's play: how we can boost our young people's happiness

InDaily 25 October, 2023

More funding needed for active learning experiences

The Educator 20 October, 2023

How primary school children feel about their mental health

The Educator 13 October, 2023

Schools face AI bullying

The Advertiser 1 October, 2023

Primary students learn how to 'speak robot'

The Murray Pioneer 27 September, 2023

Learning to speak robot

The Recorder 21 September, 2023

Greater digital insight through challenge

Eyre Peninsula Advocate 18 September, 2023

Schools support digital challenge

Fitness for Free SA SRC

ABC Radio South East 29 August, 2023

For the Sake of Our Children

Sunday Mail 28 August, 2023

Promoting the rights of Australian families and children

Pro Bono Australia 28 July, 2023

Youth Period Summit - Evenings with Peter Goer

ABC Radio Adelaide 17 June, 2023

High school students campaign for free public transport

The Educator 27 June, 2023

Fares for Our Future - Evenings with Peter Goer

ABC Radio Adelaide 17 June, 2023

Fares For our Future - Afternoons with Deb Tribe

ABC Radio Adelaide 23 June, 2023

Young shun bus, trains

The Advertiser 17 June, 2023

"It's Happening Younger and Younger": South Australian kindy kids kicked out of the classroom

Justice denied: Lawyers claim breaches of SA child detainee rights

InDaily 12 May, 2023

Bloody good South Australians working to end period poverty

InDaily 5 May, 2023

Towards more child friendly and child focused justice

Australian teenagers urge government to help them break vaping addiction

The Guardian 26 Mar, 2023

What do young people want us to do about Year 12?

The Educator 13 Mar, 2023

ATAR not true test

The Advertiser 2 Mar, 2023

All students must feel welcome in our schools

The Advertiser: Editorial 14 Jan, 2023

Stingy schools put image before kids

SA government supports installation of vape detectors in schools

The Educator, 13 Jan, 2023

Shock study reveals crisis our kids face

On Andrew Tate - Sexism and Stereotypes

ABC Radio Adelaide, 10 Jan, 2023

InDaily - It's time to talk about sex

InDaily, 4 January, 2023