2024 Teenagers and Work Report

The Commissioner has released a report examining the views and experiences of South Australia’s teenagers on work and workplaces.

2023 Child Rights Progress Reports

The Commissioner has released her annual suite of reports examining South Australia’s progress against recommendations made by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in relation to Child Health, Child Justice, Child Protection, Disability, Education, Environment, and Physical Punishment.

Issue Brief: Developing a 'fit for purpose' mental health care system for 21st century children & young people

Young people continue to report stigma and stereotypes related to mental health, a lack of targeted information about what is available, not feeling heard or taken seriously, and being dismissed when they reach out for help.

2022/23 Annual Report to Children and Young People

Each year, the Commissioner provides a report to South Australian children and young people, letting them know how she’s represented them to key stakeholders.

Keeping Our Promises

Keeping Our Promises is a report on South Australia’s progress on promises made by government to ensure that children in this State are healthy, safe and thriving.

Missing Voices: Mental Health challenges as described by primary school children

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month the Commissioner has produced a booklet containing 48 quotes that show there can be no doubt some primary school aged children across our communities are facing mental health challenges with which they need our help. 

Period Positive Sports Clubs

Young people report missing out on a range of activities they enjoy when they have their period. This guide will help sporting clubs ensure that members who menstruate feel supported and comfortable while playing sport.

Civics & Citizenship SA

Civics & Citizenship SA is your one-stop online portal for all things civics and citizenship in South Australia! It’s where you’ll find civics opportunities, educational resources and ways to get involved in your community. Search the Civics Directory for events, awards, and programs relating to civics education.

Advocacy Agenda 2022+

Commissioner Helen Connolly has compiled the priority issues and concerns she has heard about from SA’s children and young people into her new Advocacy Agenda  DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Respecting the Online Rights of Children and Young People

In our data-driven world it is our responsibility to make the internet safe for young people by implementing practices and policies that ensure their ‘data’ is being treated with the utmost care and respect.

SA young people repeatedly calling for urgent action on climate change

“At this rate, our job in the future will be to live with the impact that past generations have left on our Earth. The government needs to address climate change and realise it isn’t science fiction – it’s real life and if we don’t do anything about it soon, it will be too late. 

Read what else they told the Commissioner here:

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Every right, for every child! On 20 November 1989 the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. More than 195 countries have ratified this document since, making it the most important human rights treaty in history! Do you know what rights it contains?  Click here to find out 

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