On 30 June 2021, in collaboration with Taboo, Chalice Foundation, Modibodi and Period Revolution, South Australia’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, hosted 100 representatives from organisations around Australia to talk all things period.

There was a real buzz in the room with abundant positive feminine energy and anticipation for what was hoped would be a real catalyst for change, and the start of a period revolution. Summit participants identified some practical steps that can be collectively made by everyone. They include making a commitment to continue this important conversation amongst ourselves as well as amongst those who can make positive change in schools, workplaces and recreational clubs and organisations.

Building on the positive energy within the room the next phase of the journey is to develop strong networks across Australia between academics, menstrual educators, social enterprises, product suppliers, teachers, and sports clubs to join in their efforts to bring about real change. The Period Summit is the catalyst to build this network and harness the collective impact as we look to influence schools, workplaces, and sporting codes to develop menstrual wellbeing policies and improve the experience of periods for everyone who bleeds.

Future plans include an ‘Understand Your Cycle’ campaign’, public art and murals, and more lobbying in the quest for optimal menstrual health for all who menstruate.

Some of the key quotes from the day were:
“Claim your feminine power, know your period, know yourself.”
‘’How can I learn so much about something I have experienced for 45 years.”
“We all have a voice. Let’s talk about periods.”

Read the media release for the National Period Summit here:

View the summary video from the National Period Summit below:

Click on the report link to download a copy of Menstruation Matters

To find out more about the period revolution and the aim of ending period poverty and eliminating stigma and taboo surrounding menstruation visit: https://endperiodpoverty.com.au