The Commissioner engages with stakeholders across South Australia, not only to build relationships with those who can make meaningful change to the quality of SA children’s lives, but also to foster interconnections between service providers so they can enhance outcomes across systems and issues. Meeting regularly with key stakeholders ensures the Commissioner can also share information that children and young people have told her themselves to ensure solutions devised and changes made reflect what SA children and young people have said they most want and need. Below are key events attended by Commissioner Connolly throughout October and November:

September 30 – Recipient of the Mercedes College Mercy Award – Mercedes College
October 5 – Keynote Speaker at Educating for Tomorrow’s World Seminar – Flinders University
October 17 – Keynote Speaker at Early Childhood Australia SA Branch AGM – Via Zoom
October 18 – Host and Opening Speaker for the Youth COP27 Forum – U-City
October 19 – Australian of the Year Event – Adelaide Convention Centre
October 20 – Keynote Speaker at the Food Forum – Flinders University
October 21 – Opening Speaker for Children’s Week launch – Keithcot Farm Primary School
October 26 – Keynote Speaker at Children in the North Provocation Workshop – Pullmans Adelaide
October 27 – Speaker at National HPE Curriculum Leaders Forum Agenda – Education Support Hub Hindmarsh
October 27 – Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation – Eleven
October 29 – Reconciliation Gala Dinner Event– Adelaide Oval
November 7 – Speaker and Presenter at the Grand opening of Woodville Primary School’s student led restorative bench – Woodville Primary School
November 8 – Guest at Public Education Student Forum – Adelaide Convention Centre
November 17 – Speaker at SASY Annual Thank You Breakfast – Adelaide Pavilion
November 18 – MC for the SACOSS Conference – Ending Poverty – Adelaide Convention Centre
November 24 – Keynote Speaker at Network Parent Forum – Special Education Resource Unit (SERU), Fulham Gardens Primary School Performing Arts Centre
November 29 – Speaker at the Vinnies Youth SA Anti-Poverty Week Forum – UniSA