Commissioner’s Digital Challenge

What is it? 

The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is a new free recurring digital challenge for South Australian children that runs throughout the year.

The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is about actively engaging children to make use of a broad range of free, accessible and quality material available online via their schools, in their communities and with their families.

In the first year it is all about digital thinking. The Challenge is designed to explore the various areas of the digital learning journey over the years including design thinking, systems thinking, digital literacy and digital citizenship.

The Challenge activities in 2019 are from’s Hour of Code, Grok Learning’s Hour of Code, Digital Technologies Hub, Microsoft’s MakeCode and CS Unplugged. Many activities are Australian digital technologies curriculum-approved with lesson plans and many are unplugged activities that can be completed without devices.

After completing the Challenge, there are also lots of options for extended learning!


During her 2017 Listening Tour, the Commissioner asked children from all across South Australia what was most important to them. Children told the Commissioner they wanted to be taught the things they need in the future now, they wanted opportunities to participate in activities and they also had concerns about having the skills for high tech jobs of the future. In response to these voices, one of the CCYP’s focus areas is to engage and empower young digital citizens


The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is a strategy to empower children by sparking curiosity and instilling a sense of possibility around the development of digital skills and capabilities.

Who is it for? 

All children in South Australia.

The majority of the activities are most suitable for children aged around 8 – 12 years.

However, children as young as 6 may enjoy working through some of the activities with an adult and most children and adults will find something rewarding here.

Students in Years 3-6 can take part at registered schools:

  • Open to Years 3-6 only
  • Schools needs to register
  • Find out if your school is registered here
  • Schools taking part can earn digital rewards including programmable drones, class sets of micro:bits and a new school website.


All children can take part outside of school:

  • Open to all children aged 18 and under
  • No need to register – children simply complete any four of the Challenge activities and submit a form at the end
  • Take part at home with family – learn new skills while spending quality time with family
  • Take part at any public library in SA using the free computer and WiFi access. Some libraries are offering special programs to help work through the Challenge material. You can view these libraries here
  • Scouts & Girl Guides completing the Challenge outside of school will earn a fabric ‘speak Robot’ badge which counts towards various Scouts and Girl Guides awards
  • Children’s University Adelaide (CUA) members can earn hours in their Passports to Learning. CUA members earn 4 hours for completing the Challenge but can take part in up to 6 additional hours. Only Hour of Code and Grok Learning activities are eligible as CUA accredited learning destinations.


Children are able to complete the Challenge as many times as they like – so even if taking part at school, children are welcome to complete the Challenge again with different activities outside of school.

Key Dates

Challenge opens on Day 1 of Term 1 – 29 January 2019

Challenge closes on Last day of Term 3 – 27 September 2019

How to take part

Find Out More about the Commissioner's Digital Challenge