Commissioner's Digital Challenge

Commissioner’s Digital Challenge

What is it? 

In 2019, the Commissioner for Children and Young People will be introducing a simple, accessible and ongoing annual digital engagement challenge to children across South Australia.

Children in Years 4-7 will be asked to complete four coding/digital thinking lessons in one year.

The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is about actively engaging children to make use of a broad range of free, accessible and quality material available online via their schools, in their communities and with their families.

In the same way that popular reading challenges motivate children to develop literacy skills alongside a love of reading, the Commissioner’s Digital Challenge will encourage children across the State to make the most of digital access to reach their fullest potential through digital empowerment.


During her 2017 Listening Tour, the Commissioner asked South Australian children what was important to them. They said they wanted to be taught the things they need in the future now, they wanted opportunities to participate in activities and they also had concerns about having the skills for high tech jobs of the future.

In response to this, one of our focus areas is to engage and empower young digital citizens. The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is a strategy to empower children by encouraging them to develop their digital skills and capabilities.

How it works

The Commissioner’s Digital Challenge is a community challenge that supports children to be involved through the avenues they are most comfortable with. This could be via their school, local library or social group.

Rewards include incentives for schools to take part but, more importantly, every child who participates receives formal recognition.

The Challenge sparks curiosity and instils a sense of possibility around the digital skills our children need to build the future.

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