Being Healthy

What is it?

Being Healthy is a phrase we, as adults use all the time, there are likely to be many different ideas about what this means. 

Being Healthy can refer to our bodies, our minds and our sense of well-being.  We know, there are some health concerns that are facing children in today’s society and some of these are global issues.   


Young People have told us throughout the Listening Tour that things such as food, fitness and playing sport are important to them. 

When asked why these things are important, they told us it ‘helps them be healthy’. But what does “being healthy” mean to children and young people? 

We have will be holding a series of consultation sessions that explore the concept of “Being Healthy”.   We will be asking children and young people, from their perspective what does a healthy child feel like, or act like, and can a healthy child do. 

We will be holding small group sessions, using creative and engaging approaches to facilitate this discussion.  We have scheduled sessions from October through to February with groups of different ages, from diverse backgrounds and with different circumstances.   

Our learnings and what we will do next with this information will be available from in March 2018.   

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