The Exclusions Project

Project Overview

The Commissioner for Children and Young People is partnering with the University of South Australia, UNICEF, the Australian Secondary Principals Association and South Australian Principals Association to participate in a national ‘education exclusion’ study.

This study aims to investigate the:

  1. extent to which suspensions and exclusions are used by schools across Australia to discipline students and manage diverse student populations
  2. reasons why students are suspended and excluded
  3. profile of students who are suspended and excluded; and
  4. impact on the health, welfare and academic achievement of children who are suspended and excluded from Australian schools.

The research will provide the evidence base needed for policy and school-based interventions, which will be designed to support the health and welfare of vulnerable children in South Australian schools.

A survey has been designed to gather information on what children and young people understand exclusion to be and its impact. There are no personal details collected and all responses are anonymous. Primary and secondary school students of all ages are invited to undertake the survey which takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. 

The survey can be undertaken online via the following link:

Alternatively hard copies of the survey will also be accepted and can be downloaded via the following link:
Exclusions Survey – Hardcopy Version (Printer Friendly)

Please note: the Printer Friendly version above has been designed to print out onto A3 sized paper for ease of handling.


The Commissioner has concerns about the health and wellbeing of children and young people who are being excluded from school, as well as the apparent lack of Australian research there is concerning the use of exclusionary practices.

On her 2017 Listening Tour, the Commissioner spoke to over 1,400 children and young people about what was important to them. A major concern for children and young people was schools excluding their fellow students, many of whom they felt needed the most help and support.

The Commissioner has also spoken to secondary agencies, including FLO agencies that have raised some concerns, including the increasing number of children and young people:

  • only attending school part-time;
  • opting out of formal learning because they are ‘a bit different’.

In addition to undertaking the survey, the Commissioner will contribute to the study by providing case studies on the impact exclusions and suspensions have on the child or young person, their family, and their support network.

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