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Bullying Consultation Series

The Commissioner for Children and Young People is in the process of inviting schools, support agencies and youth groups to be part of a series of consultations we wish to conduct with children and young people, we would like them to host a session with a group of their students or young people.  We are aiming to meet with children and young people in the northern, southern, western and eastern areas of Metropolitan Adelaide.  We are looking to schedule sessions throughout February, March and April.  We are meeting with children from Year 6 and up and with no more than 15 in a group.  

The purpose of these consultations is to further explore the issue of Bullying.  The Commissioner for Children and Young People conducted her Listening Tour in 2017.  It involved 94 face to face consultations with 1,419 children and young people.  She met with children of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and with varying circumstances.  The consultations were held across the state, in a multitude of settings.  If you would like to read more about this the Listening Tour reflections can be found here: 

The purpose of the Listening Tour was for the Commissioner to get to know who South Australia’s children and young people are and to hear from them what is important to them.  She wanted to get an understanding of what they think needs to change in South Australia to make life better for all children and what they think she should do in her role as Commissioner.  

Overwhelmingly we heard that children and young people are concerned about Bullying.  They talked about this in the context of what is important to them, what they would change and what they think the Commissioner should do.  We have heard many examples of the often pervasive nature of bullying and the significant impact it can have on the victims, the bullies and bystanders.  This issue has been identified as one of 5 key focus areas that children and young people want the Commissioner to prioritise. They have asked that the Commissioner do something to “stop the bullying”.   

What is it? 

Bullying is a complex issue and before making any decisions, based on what children and young people have asked the Commissioner to do, we would like to explore the issue with them further.  We want to have a better understanding of what bullying actually looks like in 2018, why bullies do what they do and what young people believe needs to be done to stop it.

We are going to run these sessions using a creative, activity based approach, this way we are not asking children and young people to share anything personal and we can explore the issue in an indirect, non-confrontational way that supports them to provide their insights into possible solutions.  We can also provide some information for parents / carers that can perhaps be shared via school newsletters.

If you have any questions or request further information please contact Jodie Evans, Strategic Engagement and Participation Officer, Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People on 8226 3355 or email 



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