Democracy in Action

What is it?

Democracy in Action is an ongoing civics engagement project that sees CCYP partnering with the Centre of Democracy the Electoral Commission SA and of course, young people from across South Australia. It is one of the important ways that young people’s participation in society is being strengthened, so they can affect change and be engaged citizens.


The project came from one of the major findings from Commissioner Helen Connolly’s 2017 Listening Tour. During the tour Helen consistently heard from South Australia’s young people that they want more opportunities in civics engagement. The projects aims to pre-enrol 16 and 17 year olds to be able to vote once they turn and 18 and to promote the idea that 16 and 17 year olds should be able to voluntarily vote in local, state and national elections  to have a say in the policies and decisions that affect their lives.


The first major event of the project has just been completed. This was a mock election that coincided with the recent South Australian state election on Saturday March 17th 2018. This saw 336 young people filling out a ballot for either the electoral district of Adelaide or Waite . This helped them to become familiar with the voting booths and ballot boxes and included information on pre-enrolment which many have done. This was a unique opportunity for young people to come together in a practical way to learn about something that they care deeply about.  (First Story) (Results) (Accompanying Teacher Research for class discussion)

To read the Democracy in Action report of the SA election, read it in full here! 

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