Youth Justice Advocacy

Youth Justice Project

What is it? 

The Youth Justice Project has been developed to assist the Commissioner hear and respond to the voices of young people involved with the Youth Justice system in South Australia.

The Youth Justice group, facilitated by Australian Red Cross, is discussing topics related to our youth justice system and other youth related policies and legislation. This includes looking at ways to improve the court and supervision systems, as well as detention and social inclusion approaches applied across the community. Issues for discussion are identified by the Commissioner and/or the participants themselves.



The Commissioner has met with young people aged 14-18 years who have had direct contact with the justice system, with these young people  providing valuable advice to the Commissioner and other government authorities, on issues affecting in the justice system  impacting them most.  Their contributions will help elevate the voices of young people in decision-making that affects them most.

In addition to their advisory function, Youth Justice project participants will be supported as part of a leadership development program. This bespoke program will help develop the group’s capacity to advise appropriately by building their leadership skills working from a strengths-based approach. This involves looking at their values, their individual strengths and their communication skills.

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