Rideable City 

What is it? 

As the Commissioner for Children and Young People I have engaged with thousands of children and young people since commencing in the role in 2017. From my conversations I have heard that a lack of opportunities and spaces for young people to “hang out” in their community and a lack of rideable spaces negatively impacts on young people.

South Australia is very much a city State, and many young people regularly access the city to earn, learn and play. It is not surprising then, that for many young people they are looking for spaces and activities within the city that are youth focussed and where they see their interests and ideas supported and valued. 

The North Terrace city skate park was for many young people that space. It was iconic and embodied a vibe. When it was demolished in 2015 to make way for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital it mobilised a number of skate park users and others, to take action to ensure that those making decisions, knew how important it was not only for the users but for young people more broadly. Much has been said about the demolition of the city skate park and we know that for young people the demolition of the city skate park was significant.


Between August and November 2018, CCYP undertook a series of consultations on preferences for a new skate park
with young people aged 12-22. The participants included primary school and secondary school students, international
students, young people in homeless accommodation and young activists. We asked these young people what they wanted in a city skate park and where they thought it should be.

What we heard

To hear what children and young people want in a City Skate Park – once step closer to becoming a rideable city  – follow the below link!

Adelaide City Skate Park Consultation