Gender Diverse Kids and the Health System

What is it? 

Since being appointed in 2017, the Commissioner for Children and Young People has met with and heard from Gender Diverse children and young people, their families and advocates. The Commissioner has heard that there are a number of obstacles that Gender Diverse young people encounter that others may not, she has heard how systems such as education and health often find it difficult to know how to best support diversity in a way that encourages acceptance and wellbeing. Children and young people identified issues that have been in relation to seeking support, consent, medical treatment and other health services and talked about the impact that this has had on their lives.


We want to better understand the improvements that need to be made to the medical and health systems to better support Gender Diverse children and young people and their families. 

In 2019 we will further these discussions with children and young people, their families and stakeholders.  We will put out a discussion paper to get a broad range of perspectives and then explore recommendations from the perspectives of children and young people.

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