Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, has been calling upon women leaders in South Australia’s Parliament to get in step with their female counterparts at the state, national and international level, and work together to make free sanitary products available in schools, colleges and universities throughout the State a reality.

This Thursday 10 December (tomorrow), she will state her case at the virtual ‘International Workshop on Dignified Menstruation’ streaming via the Internet and being hosted by Nepal, from Kathmandu. Organised by the Global South Coalition, Commissioner Connolly is one of 26 guest speakers invited to present at the workshop style conference. As a guest panellist she will join two members of the Nepalese Parliament to discuss ‘whether menstrual dignity is of any political interest’, including what policy levers she recommends be used to destigmatise menstruation and encourage South Australia to join the growing global Dignified Menstruation (DM) movement.

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