Carclew Futures Project

What is it?

Just imagine a game changing project that empowers children to determine distribution of $10,000 for the creation of an original artistic work. Then imagine a diverse group of young South Australian’s getting access behind the scenes of the arts industry in Adelaide to acquire hard-to-gain skills in arts administration with advice from experienced professionals. The group attends key artistic events on the calendar whilst up-skilling and acquiring their insider knowledge, which is applied to choosing an artwork to be commissioned.  Well, imagination becomes reality in 2019, when the inaugural Carclew Futures Project is launched. Stay tuned…


South Australia has the potential to grow the creative economy by including children and young people in decision making for the creative industries. CCYP has heard that children and young people want meaningful opportunities in the fields they are passionate about, especially those that lead to work in South Australia’s creative ecosystem. What better way to up-skill young people than by creating opportunities in arts administration that will help nurture and retain creative talent in our State.

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