In the lead up to the 2019 Federal Election, South Australia’s Commissioner for Children and Young People Helen Connolly, has devised a set of election priorities that reflect what children and young people have told her are impacting most on their lives.

On behalf of South Australia’s children and young people and in the interests of children and young people everywhere, the Commissioner is calling upon South Australia’s Federal Election candidates to test their party’s policies and programs against these priority areas and to commit to taking actions that address the key issues identified should they attain office.

Through her engagement with children and young people across South Australia, the Commissioner has heard firsthand how many of our children and young people lead happy, active lives. They feel respected by the majority of adults with whom they regularly interact. They value school, education and learning, family relationships, their culture and communities, their opportunities to participate, and their friendships and pets.

She has also heard, however, that our children and young people are genuinely concerned for those who they see as less fortunate, less included, less mentally well, less financially secure and less prepared for the future. Many children and young people have told the Commissioner they would like to make life better for all children and young people, including those they see doing it tough. As experts in their own lives they want to have their opinions heard, treated with respect, and taken seriously by adults.

“As citizens, our children and young people rely upon our political parties to field candidates focused on future-proofing their lives by developing and implementing policies and programs that will enable them to not merely survive, but to thrive across our communities. I’m calling upon leaders and decision-makers to listen to what our children and young people are telling us need to be set as priorities and to address their concerns accordingly.”  (Commissioner Helen Connolly)

To read what the 10 priority action areas are click on the link below:
2019 Federal Election Priorities for South Australia’s Children and Young People