strengthen children and young people’s participation in society

Children and young people want to contribute to the vision, strategy, culture and operations of public institutions, laws and governance. They want to matter, be connected to a purpose and have their individual and collective strengths and contribution recognised. We must engage children and young people, and provide opportunities to build a society based on increased honesty, integrity, transparency and equality. This will strengthen our democratic institutions and structures and protections that underpin the fabric of civil society, and promote economic and social justice.


Children and young people have meaningful ways to participate and make a contribution across public, civic and community life.

Achieved by: 

  • Promoting children and young people’s wellbeing through the development of practical citizenship, participation and providing support to challenge and hold institutions to account.
  • Identifying regional children and young people’s interests and aspirations, hopes and dreams for their communities, and supporting in their inclusion in local and regional planning.
  • Emphasising the contribution, possibility, achievement, talent and global potential of all South Australian young people.



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