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Be a buddy not a bully


‘Be a buddy not a bully’ was the idea for an art project by a group of year four and five students from Elizabeth Grove Primary School. The group of 45 children have been working with Youth Development Officer Georgina Pearce from Playford Council on a project that involved making a mural for their school. They enlisted local artist Robin Tatlow-Lord who worked with the students over four sessions to draw up what they thought the mural should look like and then paint it onto the wall.

Capturing a piece of time at Elizabeth South Primary


Children from Elizabeth South Primary School marked a moment in history when they buried a time capsule at their school grounds as part of a project for the SA History Festival. The time capsule project ‘Elizabeth South: From their Mouth’ contains art work from Elizabeth South Primary School children and a link to a video featuring past and present students of Elizabeth’s first school. The digital time capsule was buried after a special screening of the film and will be opened up again in 2068. 

The Adelaide Set - saying ‘good on ya’ to these young go-getters


There are many young people who are out there doing amazing things – running businesses, helping others, creating and spreading positivity. I come across them a lot and I think we should celebrate them more and showcase what they are doing for our state. For the first in this series, I want to introduce the ‘Adelaide Set’ who came into our office last month for a chat.

Report from my Hopes and Dreams Regional Tour – The Riverland


I recently had the pleasure to meet this delightful group of young Girl Guides at their Monday night meeting in Barmera in the Riverland when I was there on the first leg of my Regional Tour of South Australia. I’m asking children and young people to tell me about their hopes and dreams and finding out what they need to do to realise those dreams.

“The Power of Music”

“The Power of Music”

Not only is Lonely Planet telling the world about the music scene in Adelaide but our children and young people also know the power of music!

“I myself am a very musical person, I play most instruments, I play drums when mad or play guitar when I need to calm down as it is a calming thing to do”

It has been said that music has the power to make you happier, enhance performance, lower stress and improve your health.

From the conversations I have heard from children and young people across the state this ability has not changed.  The positive impact and benefits that music has on their lives is alive and well and includes the joy of “creating music” and “mixing music” playing and listening to music alone and with friends.  We heard that music is an escape, a way to improve your mood and a means of expression.

Young people also talked about the cultural dimensions of music, describing it as a way to stay connected to their history, family and country and the importance of festivals and live music in the Australian culture.

Whatever the reason, the message is clear Music is Powerful!


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Commissioner's Diary
“Adulty Things”

“Adulty Things”

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Dec 15, 2017
Commissioner's Diary
Listening Tour Reflections

Listening Tour Reflections

Listening Tour: Reflections is the first report released by the Commissioner of Children and Young People. It is the Commissioners reflections of what was said after speaking to over 1,000 South Australian children and young people. It summarises...

Dec 15, 2017
Commissioner's Diary
“Being Healthy”

“Being Healthy”

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Dec 15, 2017
Commissioner's Diary

The story so far

Over past few months, I have travelled the length and breadth of South Australia, with the best part of my role being the engaging and enlightening conversations with so many children and young people whom I've met. I started my 'Listening tour' in...

Nov 2, 2017

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