cover of position brief

During the Commissioner’s consultations. many young people mentioned about the stigma they associate with menstruation, about the lack of knowledge they have about their bodies, about the lack of information they have about how to manage their periods, and how period pain is rarely acknowledged or taken into account in relation to their school performance or attendance.

To gain further insight into the new issues raised, in 2020 the Commissioner released two consecutive surveys. Over 3,000 survey responses were received from South Australian young people between the ages of 7 and 22 years.

The surveys asked respondents to share information about their perceptions and experiences of menstruation, including questions around the timing, content
and quality of menstruation education they had received at school.

Other survey questions asked how they accessed period products, what facilities were made available, and whether or not their menstruation affected their
capacity to participate in various educational, sporting and social activities.

From the comments of these young people, the Commissioner produced the Menstruation Matters report.