place the interests of children and young people front and centre in everyday life 

Children and young people are directly affected by the decisions that are made today by adults. Their everyday lives as well as their future are impacted by policies, systems and services. Children and young people are best placed in many cases to identify what they need, what will improve their lives and how best to engage them. By including children and young people in decisions making processes, their views and ideas will enable the development of more effective, efficient, timely and impactful policies, systems and services.


Decision makers are actively engaging children and young people as stakeholders and considering their rights and interests in a systemic way.

Achieved by:

  • Increasing visibility of the views children and young people to policy makers and service providers.
  • Embedding mechanisms for children and young people to input into decision making and regulatory frameworks.
  • Partnering with agencies to improve mechanisms for direct feedback from children and young people.



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