The Commissioner Says

Helen Connolly is South Australia’s inaugural Commissioner for Children and Young People. Her role in this leadership position is to influence key stakeholders, civil society organisations (including non-government, not-for-profit, volunteer and community organisations) as well as policy makers working at the systemic level in relation to children and young people’s rights, interests and needs.

Through her work, Helen is driving the message that listening to children and young people should be our priority.  She believes that where possible, we should work with children and young people to co-design solutions that take into account their opinions, ideas and lived experience.

Helen believes the wellbeing of South Australia’s children and young people should be at the heart of everything we do. She uses a variety of ways to communicate this message and writes regular opinion pieces for Medium, LinkedIn and mainstream press.

She is often asked to comment on subjects relating to children and young people, presenting her findings and views at numerous events and conferences on behalf of SA’s children and young people.

Below is a chronology of articles Helen has written since coming to office in April 2017.

You can also follow Helen on LinkedIn or Medium