The Commissioner Says

Commissioner Says

Helen Connolly is an SA leader whose job it is to influence key stakeholders, civil society organisations and policy makers and tell them about the needs and interests of children and young people in South Australia. Through her writing Helen is driving the message that listening to children and young people should be a community priority, and the welfare of children and young people should be at the heart of everything we do.

Helen uses a variety of ways to do this and has a ‘Medium’ page which allows her to write about topical issues or projects the office are working on. She also keeps her Linked In page up to date with the latest news and work of the Commission.

Helen is often asked for comments by mainstream media and also writes ‘opinion pieces’.  

Opinion Pieces

Date Details
July 26th 2018 The risk of not including young people
July 6th 2018 Drug Treatment Orders 
June 22nd 2018 Tackling Truancy
June 8th 2018 Imagine being 25
May 25th 2018 Stop the Bullying
May 10th 2018 The Gonksi Review
April 27th 2018 One year on…
April 20th 2018 Hosting His Royal Highness 
April 6th 2018  Older posts


School Uniform

Some people love them; some people hate them. Their desirability has been discussed at length, with cost; practicality; and their ability to influence academic performance traditionally at the centre of the debate.

School uniforms

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School uniforms infographic

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Smacking and physical punishment

People often have strong opinions about whether smacking is right or wrong, helpful or harmful, or whether parents should even have the right to smack their children. It can be overwhelming for parents when outsiders, including other parents, onlookers, politicians or various experts, weigh into the debate about how they should raise their children.

Reducing the voting age 

Some people complain about political campaigns and having to line up at the ballot box to cast their vote in what can feel like an endless cycle of federal and state elections. Yet, for some young Australians, voting is a privilege that remains out of their reach. Around the world, the desire to provide young people with an opportunity to vote is gaining momentum.

Reducing the voting age

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