prioritise the development and wellbeing of those doing it tough

There are children and young people in SA not doing as well as we want, or receiving the support they need to succeed. This includes children in care and protection, those involved in youth justice, children with a disability, children falling through the gaps in systems, such as education and health, and those who have experienced trauma and discrimination. There are many children who are in homeless families, have caring responsibilities or who are in families struggling to make ends meet. These kids are doing it tough. This is not an inevitability. We can work together to break the cycles of disadvantage and bring about change for all children and young people who need extra support to develop and flourish.


Children and young people whose views are seldom heard, have more opportunities to inform key decision makers on the effectiveness of the “system” in protecting and promoting their rights, interests and needs.

Achieved by:

  • Representing the views and voice of children and young people who are doing it tough to policy makers, planners and providers.
  • Advocating for the interests of those who fall through the gaps to decision makers.
  • Researching and reporting on child vulnerability, emerging issues and potential solutions.



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