Our Vision


Our Vision for Children and Young People

We strive for a State that ensures children and young people are valued, and where their well-being and development is a community priority. We encourage adults to shift attitudes and place children and young people at the forefront of their thoughts and actions.

Children and young people as drivers of social change

We want to connect with children and young people’s enthusiasm, idealism and capacity for innovation and identify and create opportunities to engage and influence community change.


Children and young people as partners in policy and system reform

We want to include a diverse and representative range of perspectives and viewpoints in making public policy through the involvement of children and young people.

Children and young people as contributors with insights and views

We want to collaborate with children and young people directly as active citizens with a significant contribution to make to the design and evaluation of programs, policies and services that impact them.


Children and young people as community stakeholders

We want to respect children and young people as informed stakeholders and embed their right to accountability across public services and the non-government sector.