One thing I would wish for is “for countries to work together, to give to each other and not take."

What’s important to me is …… “Friendship - loyalty, honesty, generosity, kindness, laughter, respect, empathy”

There needs to be….. “more soccer clubs, clubs are important because they help you build relationships with others, your network will grow, benefits in many ways”

What is important to me…. “Safety, feeling safe in your environment”

What is important to me is ……. “a clean environment to live in, making sure if I have kids they’d safe world to inherit”

“going to the beach with my family”…. makes me happy

There needs to be… “more food banks”

“sports should be free to help kids be more happy”

South Australia needs… “more drama teachers so that special ed. students can be involved in mainstream and specialist classes”

We need… “therapy dogs in schools”

"My Cat Lucky (is important to me) because she has been there ever since I was born"

What's important to me is.... "Saving all Animals. Animals get killed by pollution every year."

What I would change to make life better in South Australia would be "free public transport for students"

"there should be more free drama opportunities... because it gives students a chance to meet new people and break out of their comfort zones"

"One thing I would change is... talk more about what's happening in the world, both good and bad and our role".

"I like to play on the sand dune and in the water".

"I like books...."